Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 6:45PM

COLOMBIA, May 1—The peace between social classes serves the criminal bosses, down with the capitalist dictatorship, arise the communist revolution, long live the international communist May Day!
In celebration of May Day the contingent of the PLP resonated these and many other chants resonated with anger and enthusiasm. This manifestation was carried out in Bogota, Colombia commemorating the International Workers’ Day. Since early on we began selling and distributing Challenge, making an emphasis on the line and the PLP program and communism as the only solution to escape the capitalist jail. Electoral groups of the left, unions, social organizations and women groups began to group and organize their banners.
Behind the banner of our paper, Challenge 65 people, women, men, students and workers took on the responsibility and the initiative to mobilize their friends and lead our protest with belligerence. We spread a powerful message, well received by many workers, rescuing the international proletariat and the need for communist revolution to end police terror, racism, nationalism, fascism, and the bosses’ war. More than 200 Challenges were distributed and 3000 fliers were given.
We had an amicable debate about the revolutionary program of the PLP with a group of farm workers that came from Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia, and they asked us questions about socialism and communism, which were the mistakes in the way the struggles was carried out in USSR, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador and now in Venezuela, we explained that our line is based on the mistakes and wise decisions of the past to build a communist future with a revolutionary process that gives workers the importance as the main actors and avoids falling in revisionism, without dismissing the importance of past struggles and the daily ones that will liberate us. The comrades understood the message and we said bye warmly taking with them pleasantly the literature.
The unions showed their total cynism and pacifism, leading their members to march as docile lambs and the most they asked for was for justice and better conditions under capitalism. The unions limit themselves to beg for better salaries and more honest politicians given the dominant corruption, reason why many workers are dissident with those traitor politicians and organized other protests in seven different neighborhoods. PLP marched waving their red flags with pride and yelling our chants “against the profiteer capitalism for communist worker state, no more sexism fight for communism”, with great approval and admiration of the attendants, so much so that many of the marchers asked for copies, helping us chant 27 chants with communist fervor and capitalist system hate. These protest are battle camps for our ideas and practices, they have to be schools for the class struggle in which we build a mass movement for our communist goal.
Some of the ones chanted with revolutionary enthusiasm and others: “Justice will arrive, communism with win,” “let’s replace the capitalist dream for communist revolution” and “changing capitalist rulers is choosing the same”.
We picked up fliers and papers from other organizations to advance in our study of the current situation and state of class struggle. Our objective is to influence the worker organizations so that we struggle and we see communism as something possible to govern our destiny and all of humanity’s.

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